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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treat Environmental Pains with N-Viro's Gains

Nowadays, large volumes of waste relatively reduce the assimilation capacity of the environment. Waste generation is now giving rise to environmental problems that threaten the quality of living and even human existence itself. The uncontrollable disposal of wastes is now becoming a major local concern because wastes are generated from domestic, institutional, commercial, industrial and even agricultural sources within municipal boundaries. While the rate of waste generation depends on a number of factors such as socio economic conditions, public attitude towards reuse and recycling of waste and geographical and physical factors, emerging technologies should also address these developments to cope with environmental issues.

For all we know, N-Viro International Corporation has been successfully addressing these problems since 1993. Utilizing patented technologies to stabilize and disinfect municipal bio solids and other organic waste products, their technologies safely and efficiently transform waste streams into beneficial reuse products and opportunity fuels. By mixing bio-solid waste with specific alkaline waste products from the coal combustion electric generation, cement and lime industries, they could stabilize organic waste thru pasteurization and complete disinfection. N-Viro’s suite of green technologies complement each other and build upon a unique concept transforming waste products into a beneficial fertilizer like N-Viro Soil or ultimately creating N-Viro Fuel, a renewable alternative energy product perfectly synergistic with the coal combustion industry.

The good news is that N-Viro goes full-scale and international by licensing its technology to municipalities and private companies around the world. It does not only operate processing facilities independently in the US but also in partnership with municipalities and private companies. With N-Viro technologies, bio-organic wastes are transformed into renewable energy, soil enrichment products and clean coal which project high market value as revealed by the more than $40 million dollar sales since its initial public offering in 1993!

So why not follow the progress of this company and forge business partnership with the company that treats waste disposal with financial gain. Learn more for yourself and for the environment by visiting their site at

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Parable of the Rabbit and the Crow

A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small rabbit observed the crow for several days. Getting envious of the easy life of the crow, the rabbit finally asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?"

The crow answered, "Sure, why not? Help yourself."

So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow and rested. In no time at all, it falls asleep. All of a sudden a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

This joke was contributed by Maelynn Tabije, an affiliate of and softwares in business and management The site features great

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Digital Gadgets and Your Business - Creating a Safe Haven

Most businesses lately are turning more and more towards the use of laptops, smart phones and even PDA's or Pocket PC's to help keep in touch with clients and keep the business running in tip top shape. From the tiniest communication device to the priciest laptop, there are several things you should keep in mind to keep your personal information safe and keep yourself up and running with few security breaches, less viruses, and fewer expensive repairs.

First, your laptop needs a good strong anti-virus program. This is something that is essential and cannot be skipped over no matter what. If you are connecting to the internet, downloading any files or attachments or even reading e-mails then you need this software. Which brand you choose is ultimately up to you, but this is not something that you should ever skip over. Some viruses give hackers access to your computer, which can mean valuable sales information, client contact information, payment information, and even your own personal information to use against you in identity theft.

Second, always use a secure password. Something such as your name or even your business name is not considered acceptable or secure. This is something that should be a mixture of numbers and letters if possible. However, just as important as a secure password is something that you will actually remember! There is no sense in password protecting your computer if you lock even yourself out of it. Strive for a password that you can remember first, then try to make it more secure.

Third, if you are using a PDA or a Pocket PC always synchronize your data at least once a day. If you make constant changes to information or your schedule, you may wish to synchronize more often. This process is quick and simple, involves simply connecting the PDA to the cord that is attached to the computer and takes only a few moments. This time spent synchronizing your PDA to your computer can ensure that all of your information is up to date and all changes are made immediately.

Fourth, never sign onto any wireless network without first ensuring that your computer is locked and protected. This means ensure that your computer is not sharing any information with any networks that you are not personally responsible for. This includes places such as restaurants, hotels, business centers and anywhere else you go. If you are not personally responsible for the network then you should not allow other computers or PDA's connected to the network to have access to your device. This is a time where an encryption key is essential and quite helpful.

Fifth, if you even remotely suspect your computer has a virus then remove it immediately from the internet. Depending on the type of computer this may be as easy as unplugging a cable, for others such as wireless it may be as complex as shutting off the wireless card. Regardless of the method used it is essential to remove the computer from the internet until the virus is removed and the computer is restored to ensure the virus does not spread to other computers on the network.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are Diamonds Really Forever and Rare?

Diamonds.Image via Wikipedia

For all its symbolism and glory, diamonds are rare, aren’t they? Diamonds symbolize eternity – that undying love for someone. When you walk into a jewelry store and see all the diamonds in all of the various settings that are for sale, it is difficult to realize that diamonds are indeed rare. Maybe you don't even dare to consider how such diamonds came to be in that jeweler’s case! I tell you - there is quite a bit of work that is done before a diamond is ready to sell to the general public!

For every one million diamonds that are mined, only one will be found that is a quality one carat diamond. In order to find a two carat diamond, about five million diamonds must be mined. So, the next time you visit your local jewelry store, ask to see the one carat diamonds. You should look at this diamond with new appreciation - knowing that it truly is one in a million!

The first diamonds were discovered by Indians over 3,000 years ago. Diamonds didn’t get associated with love and romance until the 1940’s when the De Beers Company began to advertise diamonds as the perfect item for a wedding or engagement rings. They did an all out media campaign and soon people were buying diamond engagement rings all over the world thinking that just like diamonds, their love will stay forever.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of diamonds that are mined today are used for industrial purposes and not for jewelry. Historians believe that diamonds may have first been used for industrial purposes not for their brilliant sparkle and allure. Peter Lu a Harvard physicist and his colleagues discovered that in the late Stone Age the Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial burial axes. Today about 80% of mined diamonds are used for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing.

Most people might be surprised to know that diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth. Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral substance, but they are not the hardest substance known to man. A substance called Aggregated Diamond Nonorods is about 11 % harder than a diamond.

The Gemological Institute of America was founded in the 1950’s. It was the first internationally accepted diamond grading system. This system applied uniform criteria to grading the quality of polished diamonds. The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory Diamond Grading Report is the benchmark for the international gem and jewelry industry.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Digital Technology Expands Fashion Design

These days, clothing designs come to life on the computer screen rather than on the good-old sketchpad. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become increasingly common in the fashion industry. It allows designers to view their clothing design on virtual models, which enables them to tweak the color, shape, and even the cut without the time and expense required to build out a new prototype. This in turn provides designers the creative room to explore before committing to a final version. Fashion design software applies 2D and 3D CAD technology to every step of the clothing design process, from pattern drawing to runway modeling. It's possible to create a clothing design virtually that, due to time constraints or the expense involved, you might not be able to create in reality–especially when first starting out. Although a computer program will not necessarily make you the next Jay McCaroll or the next Bella Freud, it can help you expand your fashion creativity and help you design faster, so you can get more work done.

Imagination is only part of the game. Clothing designers today wield the same technical skills as graphic designers. Fashion designing is not all fun and glamor, but a little bit of technology can make it so much easier. Good programs have certain key features that may help streamline the design process and even boost creativity. A good fashion design software (computer aided) can help every type of designer -- even amateurs -- execute professional-looking designs. Thinking of using one? Here are some features to look for:
  • Ability to experiment with different cuts, fabrics, prints, textures, and colors. This allows you to save a lot of time and money, and allow you the freedom to befriend, through experiment, different combinations without necessarily having to buy the entire material & spending too much.
  • 2D and 3D rendering for editing or experimenting
  • Option to upload designs and share them via email
  • Tools that can replicate 3-D fabrics on screen providing realistic visual representations and see your design in different colors and cuts. This type of software usually has a database of different fabrics, textures, and prints. Most of them also have update options that let you add new fabrics and patterns to your database.
  • CAD drafting system
  • Pattern making and design
  • Grading and detailing
Here's a look at some of the fashion design software applications you can expect to encounter in fashion school or that you can use on your own exploration:
  • Pattern Design - Generate new patterns or digitize and edit hard copy patterns. Pattern design software allows designers to add grommets, darts, pleats, seam allowance, advanced measurements, and dimension changes.
  • Textile Marker - Plan pattern cuts to make the best use of textiles, minimizing waste and labor. The software even marks striped and plaid textiles to ensure the continuity of the pattern across cuts.
  • Made-to-Measure Modulator - Modulate the shape of a garment to fit the four key dimensions of the human form: shoulder, bust, waist, and hips.
  • 3D Runway Designer - Visualize your clothing design on a moving model. This 3D animation software allows the clothing designer to create and clothe an avatar. The fashion design software simulates the movement of the cloth based on the pattern and fabric characteristics.
  • AccuMark V-Stitcher - Experience true-to-life representation. Simulate texture, draping and fit of garments by displaying them on a realistic, virtual human body of female and male models based on your pattern, fabric and texture data.
  • Amethyst Handbag Library - Illustrated database of the key handbag silhouettes and treatments.
  • pdm.assyst - A powerful tool used in the initial design through to the production phase to manage and control all relevant data.
  • Autodesk Inventor - Design software tools for producing, validating, and documenting complete digital prototypes.
  • C-DESIGN Fashion - Allows you to create ready-to-wear collections and to release your technical files quickly and efficiently.
  • CAD - An integrated suite of accurate pattern making software for perfect fitting garments.
  • Colour Matters Pro - Windows-based fashion design software with a user defined design drawing area and pressure sensitive stylus pen.
  • CM-32 Professional - Set of illustration, imaging and layout tools, providing total coverage of the Fashion Industry.
  • DesignSew Diva+4 - Apparel design and digital pattern making software.
  • Evolution Textile Design - Turnkey textile design software solution for all your designing and coloring needs.
  • EDraw Max - Graphics utility that makes it simple to create professional-looking fashion designs.
  • Fashion Toolbox - A complete fashion and textile design software package that comes with loads of clipart and storyboad samples.
  • Artworks Studio - Design and merchandising system, provides tools for every aspect of the process.
  • Digital Fashion Pro - Collection of custom built vector based garment templates, stitch patterns and Digital Fabric.
  • Pattern Maker Professional - Windows application for the design of counted cross-stitch patterns.
  • Gallery V2 - Solution for preparing apparel collection plans, assessing costs, and structuring information.
  • Marker Making - Pattern Design, Grading, Marker Making, Nesting and 3D for full design, optimization and visualization of your designs in the pre and post production steps.
  • PatternMaker - Start with a pattern from one of the garment collections or use CAD abilities to create new or alter existing patterns.
  • FACE - Product visualisation tool that allows the photo realistic rendering of designs, colors, surfaces, textures & patterns on images.
  • PolyNest - Functions include digitizing and grading, pattern design, DXF and AccuMark translators and plotters.
  • Millennium III - Embroidery design product. Integrated punching, editing, and lettering systems.
  • REACH CAD - Pattern engineering, grading and marker planning to minimize fabric consumption and supply sewing sections with accurate cut parts.
  • Jewelry Modeling - Create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows.
  • STYLEtexpro CAD - Maintain your edge in designing, visualizing and communicating their garment and textiles lines.
  • SnapFashun-Schools - Interactive fashion libraries for women, men, and kid's in proprietary software plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.
  • Pebblestone Fashion - Product data management software for the fashion industry. Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Virtual Fashion - VF Professional brings together intuitive 3D tools, world class fabric simulation, industry leading graphical detail and simulation in a single platform that saves time, resources and effort
  • Zdesign - On-Demand PLM giving you the purchasing power to pay for what you want, and what you need, transforming your business
Fashion design software has revolutionized the clothing design process, staging virtual "dress rehearsals" to plan each step. Designers, manufacturers, and fashion merchandisers rely on CAD tools to reduce labor costs and material waste. Digital clothing design skills are crucial in today's fashion industry.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pay Everyone Cash Advance Loans

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House Insurance Rates

One of the best places where you can become a homeowner insurance holder is at House Insurance Rates. The can give the best insurance companies that will surely give you the best services that you will surely have the best benefits.

To have more information about the company, let me tell you something about them. They are not an insurance company, so they bring house insurance rates to their visitors in a unique way. For one, they are not going to try to push their policies on you because they do not actually offer house insurance policies. Instead, they are a free referral service that helps match their visitors with quality house insurance companies that can offer affordable house insurance rates. Their insurer network includes some of the best homeowner's insurance companies in the business. Secondly, they do not just offer you one quote on house insurance rates, unlike many of their competitors. Rather, they offer you up to five free quotes on house insurance rates from various insurers. You see your quotes side-by-side to help make your comparison shopping simple and hassle-free. Their goal is to serve as a one-stop-shopping site for visitors looking for low-cost house insurance rates. Here are a few of the house insurance companies in their network:

• - Allstate
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Personal Cash Advance

Managing a company is never easy, especially for owners of small businesses who work from home. May Even if you work at home, there are many issues that you need support on a daily basis. Unless you have a big pile of stock-flow is somewhere, very likely you'll find a certain form of liquidity problem.

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No Debt Today Review

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Get The Best Auto Loan Review

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Avoid Bad Credit Loans

Everybody is having problems about their budget and there are some people who are having troubles about their bad credit loans in which they sometimes turn over some of their properties because they are not able to pay their interest.

If you would like to ask for help to find solutions and get away with bad credit credit cards, the best place for you to go is at Bad Credit Offers. They have the best answer if you are looking for solutions in solving your financial problems. Go at for more information.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finding The Right Brand Of Vacuum For Your Needs

There are many good brands of vacuum cleaners on the market today. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to determine which vacuum cleaner is right for a person. This can lead to the purchase of vacuum cleaners that will not do what a person needs them to do. It can also lead to paying way too much money for features and benefits that are not needed. The price of a vacuum cleaner is important, but so are other issues surrounding the purchase. Individuals who are looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner want to consider many things before they make a purchase, and there are several ways that they can do this. Some, however, are easier than others. A person should choose whichever way he or she thinks is best for finding the right brand of vacuum..

One way to find the right vacuum cleaner for a person�s needs is to go to many different stores and shops, comparing the brands of vacuums. Things to look at include the price, the brand name, and the attachments. Other considerations are the motor size, the cleaning path, and what kind of warranty the machine has. All of these can affect whether a person buys a particular vacuum cleaner. While some people will be more concerned with a specific issue than others, most people look at more than one factor. Price and motor size might be the main concerns for one person. Cleaning path and attachments might be more important to someone else. No matter what a person needs, there are always many different choices.

One of the most important choices that a person will make regarding a vacuum cleaner, though, is the brand. Each vacuum brand offers various things to consumers. There are still many people who feel that vacuum cleaners are all the same. However, most people think that this is no longer the case. Diversification has come to the vacuum cleaner field. This has allowed different brands to do things their way. Many of the vacuum cleaners that are offered today are indeed similar. Despite this, though, the differences are there, if a person takes the time to notice them. Some of these differences are very important to various consumers. For people who feel that these things are important, each vacuum cleaner company is able to target a specific market.

There are brands that offer more upright vacuums, and brands that turn their attention to canister vacuums instead. In addition, there are brands that offer many bagless vacuum models. Some other brands are not as interested in those models, and they offer more of the bagged variety of vacuum cleaners. In addition, there are brands that claim they will not lose suction, and brands that state they have better warrantees than others. It can be difficult to find what one is looking for. With the advent of the Internet, however, it has become much easier. Instead of going to all of those stores, a person can search online, do comparisons, and find what he or she wants. From there, it is a matter of determining which store has it for the best price � which can also be done online � and then simply going to that store and making a purchase.

Bringing Families Closer Through Backyard Games Such As Cornhole

At a lot of barbecues, family reunions, and birthday parties where individuals like to spend time with their friends and families, there are a lot of backyard games that people enjoy playing. Traditionally, a lot of people played frisbee and horseshoes, as well as croquet and some other similar backyard games. In addition, though, there are many areas of the country that see the cornhole game as being very popular because of benefits that it has which are not shared by some other games. The largest of these benefits is the idea that almost anyone of any age can play the cornhole game and enjoy it. It is very popular with a lot of people because the game is not hard to play and the rules are not complex. The interest in this game is also spreading throughout the country, because people are always looking for newer and more interesting games to play. Additionally, there are a lot of people who played cornhole and other games like it in their childhood, and they want to revive these games for another generation.

While not everyone remembers this game, a lot of people played it in their backyard when they were younger. Also, a lot of people played this game as children in their elementary school physical education classes. There are, of course, many other games that can be played in the backyard during a party or get together, but few of them are designed in such a way that everyone can join in and play without any fear of injury. Whether a person is a toddler or an octogenarian, he or she can learn how to play cornhole. There is virtually no chance that these people will not understand the rules. The game consists of small bags and a cornhole board. A person stands a specific distance away from the board and gently tosses the bags, one at a time, at the hole in the board. Points are then scored if the bag goes into the hole. If the bag stays on the board but does not go into the hole, fewer points are scored. A person does not get any point for a bag which fails to hit the board, falls short of it, or hits it and then falls off. These are basically the only rules for playing the cornhole game. These are the basic rules, whether the game is called beanbag toss or cornhole.

The size of the board changes a bit between these games, with the bean bag board being smaller. Since these boards are much easier to move around, the cornhole game is sometimes played on them. Regardless of anything that addresses the size of the board, though, the popularity of the game in many parts of the country cannot be denied. Likely, this comes from the camaraderie that is seen in backyard games as well as how easy it is to play the cornhole game. They bring friends and family closer to each other, and they provide a lot of laughs and many hours of fun and enjoyment. It is difficult to beat the cornhole game for reliving these enjoyable times.

The Humble Beginnings Of The Cornhole Game

Not everyone knows what the cornhole game is, or at least they do not know it by that name. Some people call it the bean bag game, or the bean bag toss. Usually, it depends on what area of the country a person comes from as to what the game is called, but no matter what the name, the game can be quite enjoyable. How the cornhole game came about, though, is something that most people do not know, and there are also arguments between people who say that they do know. The true origins of the cornhole game can probably never be completely proven, but there are two main theories. In addition to those, however, there are some smaller theories that most people who play the cornhole game do not give any credit to or take very seriously. One of these theories is that the cornhole game is an overseas game which was started in Europe. Most of these theories say that it was created in Germany, but there is really nothing to back this up. German folklore and tradition does not make mention of the cornhole game.

The two most credible theories indicate that the cornhole game � or the bean bag toss � started in Either Chicago, Illinois, or Cleveland, Ohio. The people in Cleveland claim ownership of the game under the cornhole name, while the people in Chicago generally claim ownership of it under the bean bag designation. It is unlikely that the game spontaneously came about in both places at the same time, but this is not impossible. The story goes that some people spent their free time tossing washers into a can in order to help alleviate their boredom during slow working periods. From this, the cornhole game or bean bag game evolved. People who live in Chicago claim it happened there, and people who live in Cleveland claim it happened there. The game is basically the same, however, no matter where it got its start and what it is called. For the bean bag game, the board is a bit smaller. It is two feet by three feet, as opposed to the two foot by four foot board that is used in the cornhole game.

This appears to be the only significant difference, and many people who play a game that they call cornhole actually use the smaller boards as well if they go to tailgating parties, birthday parties, or other events where the smaller board is much easier to maneuver. The game is then played with the board � either wooden or plastic � and the bags, which were originally stuffed with corn or beans. Some of them still are, but most of them are filled with plastic pellets in commercially made sets, because the plastic does not degrade over time like corn or beans can. The bags are thrown into the hole in the board to score valuable points, and points are also given to people who get the bag to stay on the board, even if it does not fall into the hole. It is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

As A Northern Game, Cornhole Is Very Popular

There are games and traditions that are more popular in some parts of the country than they are in others. One of these games is cornhole. It is much more popular in the Northern part of the country than it is in the South. There are pockets of interest in many states, and there are some people in the South who do play the cornhole game. However, a person will not find the kind of following there that is seen in the Northern-most states. This is especially true of Illinois and Ohio � two places where the cornhole game is exceedingly popular. There are arguments between the two of them, however, as to where the game actually got its start and what it was or should be called. In Chicago, Illinois, they often call it the beanbag toss, and they claim it got its start there. The same claim is made by Cleveland, Ohio, but it is called the cornhole game there.

One other difference is the size of the board � three feet by four feet for cornhole, and two feet by four feet for the beanbag toss. There are, however, other areas of the country where the games are synonymous with one another and the boards are the same size. Everyone seems to have their own opinion of what the game should be called and where it originated. Who is right is one of those things that people will always argue about. Despite this, however, they are united in their love of the game. Much of this likely comes from the idea that the game is very easy to play and very enjoyable. Almost everyone can learn the rules, and almost everyone can play the game, regardless of age or skill level. A lot of families and friends play it at birthday parties, backyard barbecues, and tailgate parties. In addition, there are tournaments in the Northern part of the country for individuals who are more serious about the game. Prizes and trophies can be won at these tournament!

Those who live and work in the Northern part of the country and play cornhole frequently hope that it will catch on to the point that the tournaments are picked up by major television networks, much the same way that bowling, billiards, and cup stacking have done. So far there is no indication that this will be the case, but it is still possible that it will take place. For those who play in the tournaments, however, they will continue to participate in them regardless of whether they have any kind of television, radio, or newspaper coverage. The key for these people is not recognition, but the simple enjoyment of playing the game and working toward getting even better at it. They also like to teach others how to play the game, since basically anyone can follow the directions and play the game without any undue stress or strain. This is much of what makes the cornhole game so popular in the North.

A Birthday Party: Another Great Excuse For Cornhole

For many people, a birthday is a great time for celebration with family and friends. Individuals who are celebrating a loved one�s birthday have surprise parties, take people out to eat, have barbecues, plan games, and do all sorts of enjoyable things. One of the things that many people do, especially in areas of the country where it is deemed more popular, is to play the cornhole game. Not everyone knows it by that name, of course. Some people call it the beanbag toss. There are actually a few variations, but it is essentially the same game. Most people played it in their school physical education class, but a lot of them have not played it since that time. For individuals who still enjoy playing the cornhole game, however, a birthday party can be a great place to play it.

In order to play cornhole at a birthday party, there has to be enough room. The cornhole game itself does not take up that much space. However, room is needed to make sure that the player can stand far enough away from the board to comply with the rules. In addition, nice weather is needed. No one wants to stand outside and play the cornhole game in the rain, or in extremely high or very low temperatures. The game can cease to be fun that way. For people who have large, enclosed porches or homes that are big and open enough, it is possible to play the cornhole game indoors. Of course, the risk of something breaking or getting damaged rises when a person does this, but careful planning can allow for it in many cases. One of the best things about the cornhole game is that anyone of any age can play it.

The rules are not difficult and the game is not physically strenuous. The cornhole bags are lightweight, and they are tossed gently. Everyone from a very young child up through people in their eighties and nineties can enjoy the cornhole game and not worry about being injured or leaving people out. This is one of the reasons that the cornhole game has remained popular for such a long period of time. It is also why support for it as an actual sport is growing, and there are many tournaments that are held each year in various states for those who wish to play the cornhole game competitively. For people who just like to play cornhole at a birthday party or other event, however, there are ways to make it even more fun. People can pair girls against boys, older people against youngsters, or any combination that is agreed upon. In addition, small prizes and treats can be given out to the winner, so that there is some incentive to succeed.

For very young children, though, it may be best to have a �prize� for everyone who participates, to help build self esteem and confidence. When planning the next birthday party, why not try the cornhole game. Sets can be purchased easily and inexpensively online.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners Have Many Merits

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and this is especially true of the canister and upright models of vacuum cleaners. Most people think that canister vacuums are a thing of the past, and that uprights have taken their place. That is not entirely true, however. The canister vacuum cleaner is generally used today by individuals with hard flooring and area rugs in their homes, as well as draperies and upholstery which needs to be cleaned. These kinds of vacuum cleaners are the best choice for these surfaces. The upright vacuum cleaner, however, is the more popular style, especially for those people who have wall to wall carpet, as many people do.

Not all homes have this carpet, of course, but most homes have carpeting in at least some of their rooms. Quite often, carpeting is found in the bedrooms, and frequently in the living room or den, as well. For people who have wall to wall carpeting or several carpeted areas, an upright vacuum cleaner is the right choice. First, upright vacuum cleaners have more suction power than do canister vacuum cleaners. Their motors are stronger, their cleaning paths are wider, and they are basically more durable. They are not made for delicate work, and they are designed to perform in the face of pet hair, dirt, grime, debris, and all kinds of vacuuming conditions.

They cannot withstand wet surfaces, but they are the best choice for carpet, regardless of the length of the pile or the overall condition. The upright vacuum is the one chosen by most people, and it is also the one most commonly sold in retail chain stores. There are also some companies which make upright vacuum cleaners which are very expensive, and these brands are sold door to door or through specialized shops. A person cannot walk into a standard retail store and purchase one. In addition to its durability and suction power, the upright vacuum cleaner also offers choices and attachments. There are many different colors, models, brands, and styles. A person can also get different motor sizes and cleaning paths. In addition, what type of filtration is offered and the kind of containment system � bagged or bagless � are other considerations for those who are going to buy an upright vacuum cleaner.

People who purchase an upright vacuum cleaner are also often interested in the attachments that the vacuum cleaner offers. Most have a longer wand that can be used between couch cushions and in small areas that are difficult to reach. They also have a brush attachment to better pick up hair and lint, and they often contain other attachments that can be used on curtains and furniture. For very delicate fabrics, though, the upright vacuum cleaner is not recommended, because it can damage them with its powerful suction. Overall, however, the upright vacuum cleaner is a very good choice for most homeowners. For those people who are worried about the weight of an upright vacuum cleaner, self-propelled models and lighter weight models are also readily available, and the warranties are usually very good.

Specific Uses For The Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When people think of a vacuum cleaner, they usually think of the upright style. It is the common kind of vacuum cleaner that most people have in their homes. Some people, when they have a multi-story home or a very large home, will have a central vacuum system. For the others, however, there is the canister vacuum cleaner. This is designed to be used in homes where there is a lot of hardwood or tile. Primarily, the canister vacuum cleaner is used on rugs. It can, however, also be used on draperies and upholstery. Homes with expensive furnishings often have a canister vacuum cleaner, as well as homes that are much older and therefore generally have hardwood floors instead of wall to wall carpet. The canister vacuum cleaner is not designed to be used on carpeted floors because the suction that it has is not strong enough.

The canister vacuum cleaner, however, has a lot of good points and it can be a very good choice for the consumer who does not have a carpeted home. Even though a canister vacuum cleaner does not produce the suction needed for the wall to wall carpet found in many homes, it does provide good cleaning for hard floors and area rugs. These rugs can be hard to clean, and using an upright vacuum on them is not a good choice. The strength of the suction can damage delicate and older rugs. Some of these have small tassels and other intricate pieces which can be destroyed quite easily. By making sure that the rug is treated well and carefully with a canister vacuum cleaner, the individuals who clean the rug will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Another reason that a canister vacuum cleaner is so important for some households is that it is often used on fine draperies and upholstery. The newer curtains and furniture that can be purchased in the retail chain stores generally do not need to be cleaned in this way. However, the more expensive furniture and draperies, as well as the older furniture and draperies that have been in families for many years, are generally cleaned with a canister vacuum cleaner. They work well for removing hair and dirt, but their suction is not so strong as to damage any of the fibers or fabrics that they come into contact with. Because of this, they are often used by those who have fine and expensive things and know that they must work to take care of them.

The canister vacuum cleaner also has a long life span. It is generally not used as extensively as an upright vacuum cleaner, so it often remains strong and works well for many years. Upright vacuum cleaners wear out quite quickly unless they are very expensive brands. The cheaper brands have a warranty, but most people do not bother to have them repaired. Instead, they simply throw them away and get a new one. With a canister vacuum cleaner, however, there is a good chance that the person will repair it and continue to use it.

Deciding On Plastic Or Wooden Boards For Cornhole

When it comes to cornhole boards, there are two basic options for construction. The boards can be made of wood, or the boards can be made of plastic. The plastic cornhole boards are generally designed and sold in stores and on the Internet. The wooden cornhole boards are also created and sold this way. However, in addition to the commercial wooden cornhole boards, these kinds of cornhole boards can be made by an individual with basic skills and basic tools. There are plans that can be found all over the Internet, and these plans will help a person determine whether he or she wants to build a cornhole board on his or her own, or whether he or she would prefer to purchase one instead.

For those who have little to no woodworking skills, or for those who feel extremely uncomfortable working with their hands for fear of damaging the work, themselves, or both, there are cornhole boards which can be purchased. The wooden cornhole boards can be bought separately, or they can be purchased as part of a set. Either way, though, they are a big business and they are very popular in many parts of the country. These boards are made from good quality wood, and they are prepared with no sharp edges, splinters, or other issues that could cause a person a problem. This keeps people from getting hurt when they play cornhole, which is very important, especially in a game that many young children like to play. Parents who want to protect their children would certainly not want them to play with a wooden board that might cause them injury.

The plastic boards are thought to be better in some ways. Most of this comes from the fact that they have fewer issues with being left out in the weather. They cannot warp from rain or develop splinters, and they do not break, crack, chip, or get otherwise damaged as easily as the wooden boards do. They are also often a bit less expensive to purchase because they are also less expensive to make. The creation of plastic boards is relatively easy. However, there are some die-hard fans of the cornhole game who feel that these plastic boards are not the right ones to be used. They are concerned that they are too different from the way that the game was originally played. As such the game will be changed and the people who learn on a cornhole set with a plastic board will not have the same style and skill level as a person who learns to play the game on a cornhole set with a wooden board.

It would appear that the cornhole sets with the wooden boards are generally the only ones allowed in tournaments, but some individuals who organize cornhole tournaments change the rules or decide to do things differently, and plastic boards may gain more accepted use in the future. Regardless of whether they are used in tournaments, the plastic cornhole boards and the wooden cornhole boards are both very popular with people all over the country who like to play the cornhole game.

Arundo Donax - How to turn a bog plant into a serenade

I began playing the clarinet when I was 11 years old, back in 1984, after many months of pestering my parents. Although I wasn't particularly good when I started, I loved the look and feel of the instrument and I persevered, and I finally ended up as a music student at Leeds University with the clarinet as my first instrument. I didn't find the notes that hard when I was a kid; I could produce a tune without too many tears, but my tunes just didn't sound very nice until I'd got to about grade 6. A lot of young players experience the same problem, and the problem is really twofold- 1) producing a beautiful sound takes lots of practice, and 2) producing a really beautiful sound depends on your reed.

What a Reed is All About

If you don't play a reed instrument you may well be wondering what I'm talking about, so I'll explain a little bit here. (For the already initiated, feel free to skip this bit!)

A clarinet is fundamentally a tube which is approximately 2 feet long; in fact it's the same length as a flute or an oboe. The flute has a small hole which you blow across. This makes the air inside the tube start vibrating, (like if you blow across the top of a bottle and hear a note). The oboe and the clarinet, however, use reeds. These are small bits of cane, (or sometimes plastic), which are attached to the top of the instrument. The cane goes in your mouth and you make it vibrate with your lips and jaw; this sets the column of air vibrating, and hey presto a note sounds. (It's very hard to describe how you actually do this because it all happens inside your closed mouth!) You can't play the clarinet (or the oboe or bassoon) unless you have a reed attached to the top, and these essential bits of kit have, unfortunately, quite a short life span. How long a reed lasts depends on lots of things, like how often you play, what brand you're using, and even what the weather's like. (It's a natural material so it's affected by the humidity of the atmosphere).

The Reed you really Need

So now you know you need a reed, off you pop down to your local music shop, or find one online. The first question they'll ask you is what kind of reed do you need? Narrowing it down to just "a clarinet reed" won't get you very far. You have to specify the strength of your reed. And choose a brand. And choose one of a range of reeds within that brand. And how many do you need to buy?

So how can a little bit of cane be so diverse and complicated? How can you possibly choose?! Let's take a look at the first dilemma: Strength.

Reeds are categorised by their thickness, and given a grading from 1 to 5, including half grades. Basically speaking, the thicker the reed, the more difficult it is to produce a note, but the nicer the note will sound. So, if you are a beginner, (and therefore in possession of relatively weak jaw muscles compared to a veteran), you should choose a low number, known as a "soft" reed. Around 1.5 would be good, but go for a 1 if the 1.5 is too difficult to blow on. As you get better, you'll gradually be able to progress to thicker reeds (known as "hard"). To get a decent sound, you need to be playing on a minimum 3.5, and most professionals will be playing on 4.5 to 5s. Personally, I play on a 3.5. OK, let's move on to brand and product:

In the UK there are mainly 2 companies battling it out in the clarinet reed field, and they are Vandoren and Rico. I'll try to make a comparison between them, since your basic purchasing decision will be between these two brands. Here's what Vandoren say about their standard B flat clarinet reeds:

"The most widely played reeds in the professional world."

And here's what Rico claim about their most similar product:

"The world's most popular reed." One thing you may be able to deduce from this is that Vandoren reeds are better and also more expensive. They produce a better tone for professionals, who are more picky about these things than amateurs. However, there are many more amateurs piping away in their bedrooms on a Sunday afternoon than there are professionals, and they tend to choose Rico, so they can't be all bad.

Here's how the prices compare from 2 reputable online firms, for a box of 10, (the normal number you get in a box).

>From Rico Reeds cost £8.50 and Vandoren cost £11.00

>From Rico cost £6.25 and Vandoren cost £10.25

Rico are well ahead in the tasty price league, so why is it that all these professionals are choosing Vandoren? It really boils down to the sound that comes out when you blow, which to the professional is the only major issue. For us mere mortals though, there are another couple of points to consider- how many of these 10 newly purchased reeds actually work properly, and how long will one last before I have to change it? I've played on both these brands of reeds over the 20 and a bit years I've been playing this instrument, and I believe that Rico are more consistent in the strength grades they put in the box, and they last for the same length of time as Vandoren's, but whereas a box of Vandoren sometimes produces a really stunning beautiful reed, a box of Rico never does.

When you buy a box of reeds, it is quite normal to find that some of them just won't work. This is rather annoying, (especially if you're paying more than a pound a piece), but it's a fact of life. The cane is rigorously tested by both companies, and left to mature for a considerable time, but nothing can stop the cane from becoming slightly modified once it's been packaged up in its box. My personal average from Vandoren is 50% usable reeds per box, while Rico usually gives me 7 or 8 that are playable. So, in effect, they work out even cheaper than you'd bargained for. I think that Rico's testing technology is perhaps superior to Vandoren's, to produce these results. They are more effective at eliminating inferior cane earlier in the process, before it actually gets in the box. In my mind there is no doubt that Vandoren Reeds sound better, but the large difference in price is not justified by the small difference in sound. Going back to my earlier point about the quality of!

my early attempts at the clarinet, I should point out that playing on the correct strength of reed, (and one that isn't too old), will ensure an acceptable sound from anyone. So how to find the correct strength? Read on!

How Strong is your Jaw?

Rico Reeds come in strengths 1-5 (not all brands do). If you're a complete beginner, buy a 1, a 1.5 and a 2. (You can buy reeds singly, both online and in shops. Some shops let you try the reed out before you buy it just in case it's a duffer (see above), but not all of them.) Try the 2 first. If you produce a sound quite easily and without pain, congratulations! You've found the right strength. If you find it takes lots of breath to get a note and you can hear air escaping from the side of your mouth as you blow, the reed is too hard. Try the 1.5, and repeat the process. Remember that with clarinet reeds, the only way is up! When you have been playing on your 1.5 for some time, try the 2 from time to time. Don't play for too long, as your jaw will tire easily and you may bite into your bottom lip. If this happens, your mouth will be too sore to play until it's healed, and you'll have to start with a softer reed again. Gradually increase your playing time, until you can play on the 2 with no problems. Then move on to the 2.5, and repeat the process.

If you stick with a softer reed once your jaw muscles have become stronger, your sound will deteriorate. Playing on a soft reed produces a buzzy kind of tone and can sound flat. Higher notes on the instrument are more difficult to reach with a softer reed, which is another reason why you need to climb that reed ladder! Sometimes reeds are a little bit too hard or a little bit too soft, without being impossible to play on. You don't have to chuck them away in cases like this, you can "doctor" them slightly to make them more playable: if the reed is too soft, trim a VERY narrow (hair's breadth) strip from the tip of the reed with a sharp knife. Or push another reed between it and the mouthpiece of the instrument, pushing it away from the rectangular hole in the mouthpiece slightly. If the reed is too hard, you can sand it a little. Use a piece of 220-grain sandpaper. Rub just a little, then test the reed- a tiny rub can produce a large difference (which is why they don't always get it right in the factory- it's a precision art!)

Breaking in Reeds

All new reeds need to be "broken in". They won't produce a consistent sound until they've been used a few times. Rico reeds are faster to break in than Vandoren. You need to wet the reed (in your mouth or with water- I prefer my mouth, but Rico advise water, as some people have very acidic saliva apparently, eeww), then play on it for just a few minutes each day, until the sound becomes consistent. It's good to have a few reeds "breaking" as you never know when you'll need a new one.

Replacing Reeds

It's easy to tell when your reed needs replacing- after serving you well for a week or 3 (depends how much you play), one day it'll just sound rubbish, completely different to the last time you used it. Every time it goes in your mouth the reed is getting attacked by various germs and other organisms, and your saliva begins the process of breaking down organic matter ready for your tummy, so it's no wonder that they don't last forever! Another obvious sign that you need a new reed is when you accidentally slice it in half while attaching it to the instrument, a tragically common event. (It's held onto your plastic mouthpiece by metal band called a ligature. This has quite sharp sides and if you're not careful it'll cut right through in one go. Don't worry though, I've never heard of anyone cutting their finger on one!)

Arundo Donax

This is the technical name for the reed plant which Rico and Vandoren use to make their reeds. It grows in India and the Mediterranean, and can get as high as 6 metres tall. If you live in the right climate you can grow it in your garden, but I wouldn't suggest trying to grow and make reeds yourself from scratch, although some fanatics do.....

Other Types of Reed

For the standard clarinet, you will be buying B♭ clarinet reeds. It's unlikely that you would buy the wrong reed size, as this is what 99% of people play on, but just for the record, there are also E♭ and bass clarinet reeds. E♭ reeds are for a smaller instrument, and bass clarinet reeds for a beast of an instrument, so neither will fit. The A clarinet takes the B♭ reed, as it is only very fractionally bigger than the B♭ instrument. (Orchestral players need two instruments, an "A" and a "B♭"; see for more on transposing instruments).

Final Verdict

The Rico clarinet reed is a great choice for the amateur player. They are reasonably priced, reasonably consistent within the box, and produce a nice sound. They are easy to get hold of and excellent value for money, especially if you frequently slice them in half! If you want to get serious on the instrument, you should probably move on to more expensive reeds from Vandoren.

Web-Programming: An Alternative To Unproductive Advertising

As of this writing the television writers in Hollywood are on strike. The significance of this strike will be felt far beyond the current television season and impact what and where people will get their entertainment in the future. People are now not only embracing the Web for their information needs but are also increasingly turning to it for their entertainment needs as well.

The Web will soon be 'the place' that fills the programming vacuum that network broadcasters have been unwilling and/or unable to fulfill. People were prepared to tolerate constant reruns, dreadful programming, and incessant repetitive ads as long as there was no alternative, but that is no loner the case. Viewers now have an option to bad television and it's the Web, but why should you care and more importantly how can you take advantage of the opportunity it creates?

Why Should You Care?

Information and entertainment have melded in recent years creating what has been dubbed 'infotainment.' It can be argued that the evening news has become more entertainment than hard news and let's not even get into venues like the History Channel where fact and fiction seem to be presented in equal and indistinguishable doses. So what does all this have to do with you and how you deliver your marketing message?

The time is coming, if it is not here already, that companies will not be able to get away with merely uploading online brochures and catalogues, or even extensive screeds singing the praises of every feature and benefit associated with their offering. People demand more, they insist your website be interesting, informative, and entertaining; and it is this aspect of entertainment that potentially makes your marketing presentation memorable.

What Is Web-Programming?

Web-programming takes the creative Web-video campaign concept and pushes it one step further up the evolutionary marketing scale by integrating the message into a programming environment.

This concept is not an entirely new idea, in fact one of the most noted television commercial campaigns of 1991 was the Taster's Choice soap opera-like series of spots that wove the marketing message into a courtship relationship between two apartment neighbors. In an environment where information and entertainment blur, it seems like an ideal solution to capturing an audience's attention and interest, and creating a viral buzz that few products or services can generate by presenting a bulleted list of features.

Build Brand Relationships

James E. Aisner, in his article 'More Than A Name: The Role of Brands in People's Lives' (HBS Working Knowledge For Business Leaders) references the research of Harvard Business School Professor, Susan M. Fournier, "Fournier has created a typology of fifteen different types of relationships between consumers and their brands." These brand relationships include the secret affair, the best friend, kinship, the fling, courtship, the marriage-of-convenience, casual friendship, childhood friendship, mother and child, and master-slave.

What kind of relationship does your brand have with your audience? Is it a short-term fling that starts with a lot of heat and passion and then quickly cools-off, or is it a long-term marriage that will last a lifetime? Finding, and promoting the most appropriate and beneficial brand relationship is the marketing goal of your Web-programming marketing initiative.

Part of the problem many smaller organizations have in developing successful marketing campaigns is that they think in terms of products and services rather than brands; features and benefits rather than relationships. Almost every product or service on the market can be replaced with a competitive substitute, but brands are much harder to replace; brands create a competitive barrier through the development of relationships based on prototypical psychological and emotional factors, the same kinds of factors that govern your personal relationships.

Generate Trust, Confidence, Loyalty and Passion

In his article, "A Brand New You," (Psychology Today), W. Eric Martin tells us that brands came into vogue in the post Civil War era as a response to an increasing mobile population that began to lose touch with local merchants and shopkeepers. Brands became a substitute for the personal relationships that people had with their suppliers. This seemingly minor historic fact helps us understand the significance of brands in today's Web-centric marketplace.

Today's consumer-client, whether retail or business-to-business is more remote, more isolated from the supplier than ever before. The Web allows us to market our products and services anywhere in the world, but in order to actually make a sale, we must establish a relationship that generates a sufficient level of trust, confidence, loyalty and passion. Sneer if you will at the passion and loyalty most Macintosh users have for their computers, but what other computer company can claim such brand allegiance?

Relationships Are Based On Psychological Needs

At the heart of any relationship is the emotional or psychological need that that relationship fulfills. If you haven't found that connection in what you do then you are at a definite competitive disadvantage; and you are competing on the most fickle and transient of factors: price and features. In business, there will always be someone who is prepared to sell a substitute product or service for less, or with more bells and whistles. So why would you ever want to compete on that basis?

It really doesn't matter what business you're in, there is always some emotional or psychological component to what you do. The iPod is the market leader in its category despite numerous competitors; it holds that position not because it's the cheapest, which it definitely isn't, or the product with the most features, which it probably is, but because it's an iPod - not a tool but a status symbol, a badge of intelligence and taste, a brand relationship akin to being a member of the coolest club in town.

Web-programming Development

In short, Web-programming is a marketing campaign based on a series of episodic Web-videos tied together by plotline and character development; an ongoing initiative that weaves into its storyline the marketing pitch. The integration of the marketing pitch can be done subtly using product placement techniques or overtly making the pitch part of the story arc.

This marketing technique is not for everyone; it is certainly not for the unsophisticated or for the marketer who is afraid to experiment or to take a chance.

If you are looking for an instant direct financial return like a big sale sign in your storefront window then you are not looking for marketing, you're looking for promotions. Marketing is all about building a brand relationship with your audience. The more time and effort you invest in marketing, the more solid your brand relationship will be, and the more appropriate the clients you'll attract and keep.

Web-programming - Where To Begin

There are four minimal requirements needed to create an episodic Web-video marketing campaign: need identification, point-of-view, attitude, and transformation. These are the same elements defined by Syd Field, the well-respected author, producer, screenwriter, and lecturer, in his book, "The Screenwriter's Workbook;" and they are the same elements that all top-notch salesmen use to build client-relationships - ask yourself - have you ever met a top salesman who wasn't a great storyteller?

Need Identification

Like all episodic series yours will need a hero or protagonist; this is the person your audience will identify with and who will act as their surrogate.

Your protagonist must be searching for something that relates to the emotional or psychological need fulfilled by your product or service. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an insurance company certainly understands the Geico caveman's need for respect. His frustration is the perfect foil for the company's marketing message, 'it's so easy a caveman can do it.' We are all cavemen at heart, seeking respect from big business bureaucracies that make us jump through hoops just to place an order.


You must present your material from a particular point-of-view. Is your presentation told from the protagonist's point-of-view or is it told from an objective observer's, perhaps through voice-over. It can even be counter-intuitive and be told from an antagonist's point-of-view.

If your scenario is more procedural based, you can even present it from different points-of-view each delivering alternative perspectives, each highlighting different aspects of the emotional fulfillment.


Attitude is especially important for Web-based presentations, but it is also one of the scariest aspects of marketing for the faint-of-heart. All too often businesses shy away from bold statements, or extreme displays for fear of alienating some segment of the audience, but it's attitude that grabs people's attention, makes the presentation memorable, and qualifies leads and inquiries.


One of the hardest things a commercial-based episodic series has to deal with is story arc. What change takes place over the life of the series and is the campaign concept strong enough to sustain itself? What transformation takes place? Does your protagonist find fulfillment or does he fail to find the emotional or psychological answer he's looking for. If you're not sure what deep-seated need your product or service satisfies, find the conflict.

All stories are based on conflict, frustration, and desire, whether it's the search for 'whiter whites' or better insurance. If your concept is without conflict, you are not illustrating the need for your solution.

You can show successful transformation based on the adoption of your solution or you can show failure whichever works best for what you're marketing and the audience you are trying to attract.


The Web has from its infancy provided business with enormous marketing opportunities. As the Web's capabilities increase over time, these opportunities increase as well. As much as other media tries to adapt to the competitive pressures created by the Web, old methods and attitudes die-hard; the writer's strike being just one example of a group trying to maintain dominance in an environment they cannot control. The opportunities are there to make your marketing mark if you have the courage to act.